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About Us

CloudMarketplaces develops ecommerce properties like multi-sided marketplaces and platforms at scale.

We specialize in building ecommerce platforms. From the small single online shop to the largest enterprise marketplaces.

The primary channels of distribution are websites, ecom stores and mobile apps. We craft native apps on both iOS (and MacOS) and Android, as well as platform-agnostic frameworks like React Native.

Our mission is to serve the modern trends and take our customers– from personal players to small stores all the way to large-scale enterprise destinations– to the next level, particularly those that have a need for highly functional and dynamic online destinations such as marketplaces and various types of platforms.

We close the circut by providing complete maintenance and support programs to complement our ancillary services for clients, such as services that complete the operations of our customers without them needing to seek help elsewhere.

Even things that seem mundane like keyword research, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), graphics, customer and technical support, content writing, and many others that don’t fit the technical labels we specialize on, but that clients require.

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